Zonguru Pro – New Chrome Plugin Review

The company is offering some new Chrome plug-ins to its users. I’ll talk about one of them – the Zonguru Pro version of the free Zonguru installer. I’ll show you why the Zonguru Pro is a good update and how it compares to the old Zonguru program.

Here’s a little side note, as a disclaimer: I have not personally tested any of the plug-ins offered by ZonGuru. I am just recommending them because they are already popular and have a good reputation.

So, let’s go ahead and get started. What are these Zonguru Pro plug-ins and why should I care? These are basically the same plug-ins that were previously available for free, but has made them available to everyone.

The first plug-in is the install_from_zip. This lets you install Zonguru from the zip file which you put into the %TEMP% folder. It works just like the other Zonguru installers. There is even an uninstall option.

Next up is the install_from_ISO. You can simply install Zonguru from the ISO file that comes along with the purchase of a package. This can be a real time saver as you don’t have to download the Zonguru installer every time you install or upgrade Zonguru.

And last but not least, the License Manager. You can install Zonguru Pro by downloading the license file. Just put the downloaded license file into the Windows directory and then follow the simple instructions. Once you have completed the installation, you will be able to install Zonguru with a single click. Now, when you install Zonguru, you should make sure that it will properly install Chrome. See the Zonguru Pro documentation for more information on that.

Zonguru Pro seems to be a very well-maintained program that is sure to satisfy the needs of a majority of its users. It also has one of the best support options available.

Another thing that makes Zonguru Pro a great addition to the browser management arsenal is the ability to link it to all of your browser windows. With this option, you can open Zonguru, navigate to your desired website, and then close all of your web browsers. A great feature for keeping tabs on your favorite websites.

If you want to use a popup blocker with Chrome, you should look for the extension called Zonguru Chrome Extensions. It will block popups, trackers, and more.

The Zonguru website also has some very nice plug-ins such as the slider. It is a nice touch that Zonguru has found a way to integrate all of their applications into a single plug-in. It is highly recommended.

In closing, Zonguru Pro is a great update that puts up a little competition to Zonguru. This product is getting a good response and is available for download now.