RevSeller Add-On – RevSeller Review

RevSeller is a simple online directory. As a directory, it has been receiving rave reviews from many people. It does have some flaws though; the feature that I found to be the most annoying was the RevSeller Chrome Extension.

The RevSeller Chrome Extension. First, let me say that I was not a big fan of this particular option. I had heard about it, but I just figured it would just be like any other add-on that I downloaded. I wasn’t aware that it came as a standalone product or was a software package.

The one problem I had with this particular component was that I found myself paying for RevSeller twice – once with my credit card and once with my RevSeller – use 2 times coupon code. I just wanted to delete the old section so I could start over with the new section. But when I deleted the old section, I would get a pop-up asking me if I wanted to keep the tab. So I was really getting bombarded with two separate charges. The lack of privacy really makes it unappealing.

The downside to the RevSeller Chrome Extension was the fact that it took up my web browser’s memory. The icons were small and weren’t easy to see in my screen. If I needed to find an item, I would have to double-click on the icon and would usually wind up with a “cold” tab rather than a live one.

When I looked for a more user-friendly option, I stumbled upon the RevSeller AddOn. After the free trial expired, I was happy to finally see how much better this particular add-on was than the RevSeller Chrome Extension.

The RevSeller AddOn. Now to the good part – and the only drawback.

The RevSeller AddOn. This add-on was more user-friendly than the RevSeller Chrome Extension. I just had to drag and drop items from the left hand side of the toolbar. Not only was it faster to use than the RevSeller Chrome Extension, but it also saved me a bunch of time.

After dragging and dropping an item to the toolbar icons, I was then able to navigate through my tabs much easier. The icons were color coded, so I knew which tab I was currently in. I could even move through tabs from right to left as I wished.

The RevSeller Chrome Extension was all about is putting a tab in the middle of my screen so I could choose to stay in that tab or go to the other side. This one component was certainly useful, but I found myself reaching for the mouse more often than not. I have to admit, it was more difficult to navigate through the toolbar without the help of the RevSeller AddOn.

There are other features of the add-on that I enjoyed. The customizable homepage provides me with a place to store my favorite articles, which I find especially useful when browsing through different articles. I could also save a list of keywords to be used for future searches.

Some people I have talked to had a problem with the large ads appearing on the right side of the screen when using the add-on. They felt that there was too much clutter to the right of the toolbar and wanted to delete the section. I have to say that I didn’t think this was a very good idea because the toolbar itself was quite large and I couldn’t see where I was supposed to delete it from.

Overall, I thought the RevSeller Add-on was well-designed and seemed to be a more straightforward and easy way to access my preferred search engine. It just was not as user-friendly as I would have liked it to be. though.