Amazon Photo Requirements – When to Use Amazon Image Requirements

The quick answer to the question, “What are the Amazon main image requirements?” is: anything.

However, the technical requirements are more detailed. They include a minimum of 500 square pixels in your main image and at least one hundred fifty square pixels in the images on the page, or a minimum of twenty-one pixels per inch.

The main image is then taken from either a published photograph or from your own personal images. There is no requirement for you to use Amazon Image Requirements. If you can get the picture that you want to use, you can have it in your book, on your site, or anywhere else.

So why do they insist on Amazon Image Requirements? Well, it’s due to their copyright and trademark law. They want to be sure that anyone who uses any of their photographs will not infringe on their copyright and trademark.

Once you submit an image for publication, the publisher gets to see it before it goes live on the site. By law, you have to get them to accept it, or it can be removed and you will have to start all over again.

You should be aware that there are many other factors in addition to Amazon Main Image Requirements that might affect the ability of your book to be accepted by the publisher. However, these are not covered by Amazon. If you have images of only yourself that are all yours, or very similar to what you use in your book, they might not be accepted.

Additionally, your book might not be accepted if it contains graphics that are not owned by you, and that belong to someone else, without permission. These can include business logos, employee photos, or brand name pictures. In this case, you need to get the permission of those people, or you could be liable for copyright infringement.

For instance, many people do not consider it copyright infringement to use an image that they’ve found on the internet. The problem is, when you publish your book, you have created something unique. You have published your creativity and have given others permission to use it in their book.

Books are a special type of product, so the copyrights are different than a book and movie. You cannot use another’s copyright without permission, so you need to make sure that you know who owns the copyright first.

Finally, the Amazon Store has stricter requirements for accepting a book there. Amazon wants to have a high-quality book available to customers, and they won’t accept books that aren’t high quality.

This is why it is important to not worry about technical requirements, such as Amazon Main Image Requirements. Even if you don’t follow the technical requirements, you shouldn’t be worried about them.

And if you have a high quality book with all of your images from your own photos, it will still sell. And then you will have no complaints from Amazon, and you can relax.